How to prepare for a virtual doctor’s appointment

 Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL Virtual doctor’s appointments are the most cost-effective, safe, and time-efficient way of meeting a doctor. Scheduling an appointment is easy with applications that allow you to upload your medical data, meet your doctor in real-time followed by a doctor-approved prescription for medication at the end of your session. But if you are new to virtual appointments you may be wondering how you should prepare. Here are some simple steps that will help you get the most from your virtual appointment: 1.        Download the App – Most reputed virtual medical applications are user-friendly and will guild you through the process of creating your account. 2.        Pre-visit questionnaire – Before you book your appointment, you will have to fill a pre-visit questionnaire that will help your doctor understand your concerns. 3.        Make time and prepare– Make time for your appointment and be ready at least 15-minutes before your scheduled time.

Francis Dunn

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